Hi. This is Triangle. It fucks up things.

What is it exactly

It's analog, hand-made, a heart made of 1/3 of silicon and 2/3 of germanium.
It'll destroy every single voltage coming out of your instrument and convert it into beautiful noise.
It doesn't lay on the ground, It sticks on things using three powerful suction cups.
It'll stick on your guitar, on your bass, even on your synthesizer and drum machines.

The vision

Imagine something placed next your hands that you can modulate while playing your riffs.
Imagine something that extends the ways you can distort and glitch your instruments... and of course a cool shape.

Inspired by the famous Fuzz Face and the weird Fuzz Factory. But a whole different concept.

Triangle + Fender Jaguar '64

Triangle + Tanzbar

Triangle + Juno 60

Triangle + Andy PGS

Triangle + very bad bass players

Triangle + Gearmanndude

Triangle + Brett Kingman

Triangle + Joel CME

Triangle + Iga Massardi

What's in the box

You'll get an awesome pack with the following:

  • Triangle
  • 3 Suction cups
  • Patch cable
  • 9V Battery

Download the Manual and Full Specs (PDF).

How much

It's just a few bucks that will feel like you bought a car:

$212 for US, Canada and Australia.

€176 for Italy.

£160 anywhere else.

Shipping is included for all main destinations.
Get in touch using the form below to get an exact quote.